What is "HexWatershed"?

HexWatershed is a mesh independent flow direction model for hydrologic models.

Why do we develop HexWatershed?

Spatial discretization is the cornerstone of all spatially-distributed numerical simulations including watershed hydrology. Traditional square grid spatial discretization has several limitations:

Therefore, we developed a watershed delineation model (HexWatershed) based on the hexagon mesh spatial discretization. 

We further improve HexWatershed to fully unstructured mesh-based to support variable-resolution meshes such as the MPAS mesh.

We propose that spatially distributed hydrologic simulations should consider using a hexagon grid spatial discretization.

How we did it?

We rewrote all the core watershed delineation algorithms on a completely different data structure.

What is the current status of "HexWatershed"?

We are adding more features to the HexWatershed ecosystem: